Hi, girls! I want to share my story with you. There are many couples, which cannot be happy because of different reasons, but so many of them on the reason they can’t become parents. My husband and I were married for a long time, but then came a moment when we felt our desire and wish to become parents. Unfortunately, we could not conceive our baby ourselves. I started to search the surrogacy programs on the internet and found the agency located in Kiev and related to the work with foreign clients. Then I got to know from my friends that Parentage had a lot of positive references and decided to apply to it for surrogacy support. I was told about all the future steps in details, quickly passed all the medical tests and choose our surrogacy mother.Our synchronization process passed quickly. I felt my heart beating so hard, I was worried so much about the successful result but the miracle came true! Everything was perfect, and the pregnancy test was positive! Our eyes were full of happiness and admiration! Finally, we have ended to hear bad news. The belly was growing so quickly. One by one there were ultrasonic diagnostics, medical tests and consulting. One trimester followed another. Our surrogate mother carefully fulfilled all the agreement’s conditions, she was under the constant control of clinic. I was telling my future child in the paunch how I loved and waited for him. Finally, the birth moment came and we were together with our surrogate mother that time supporting and helping her. All of us were crying when our baby was born. I could not believe that become a mother. We are so grateful to clinic for such a professional and careful support. Our baby is growing, and we enjoy our happy moments as parents.

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